In the area of mobile transmitting stations we offer:

  • Assembly of mobile transmitting stations
  • Accurate azimuth measurement with the Thales GPS device
  • Measurement of the antennas, feeders and jumpers with Sitemaster Anritsu
  • Measurement of the isolation state with the Fluke or Benning device
  • Height work

In the area of the construction of the WLAN infrastructures we offer:

  • Suggestion of the infrastructure of the WLAN network
  • Realization, antenna installation, configuration of the network resources, setting of the WLAN connections
  • Monitoring the network operation
  • Monitoring the network and its further development
  • Welding and measurement of fiber optic cables

In the area of electric we offer:

  • Electrical installation work for family houses, holiday cottages, apartment buildings, flats, industry
  • electrical connections
  • Lightning protection and overvoltage lightning protection
  • Intelligent wiring
  • Installation of electronic security devices
  • Electric heating (installation, regulation)
  • External lighting


About us

Positionierungstechniken gemäß § 4 NV 392/2006 GB.

We are a company working in the field of communication technology and energy. Our main services include the construction of mobile telecommunication transmitters, Wifi infrastructure construction and energy services. The main priorities of the company is customer satisfaction and compliance with the agreed commercial terms, complex problem solving and consultation.

Safety is our priority, so each of our employees have the necessary courses and training for carrying out work such as:
– First aid course
– Work involving a danger of falling, Heights – Above 3 Meters
– PPE use for antennas – REFRESHER
– Rope Access Technician – Level 1, according to Slovak Work at heights Law

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